Map and Compass Navigation Class

October 29th, 2022, 8 am - 5 pm

Are you prepared?

What happens if your navigation app or GPS becomes lost or damaged while you are in the wilderness? Do you know how to use a map or a compass? Get peace-of-mind by taking the same map and compass training class provided to search and rescue personnel throughout the state.

This fast-paced, yet comprehensive one-day program will teach you how to navigate in the backcountry. Put your classroom knowledge to the test on our outdoor training course with hands-on activities.

You will learn how to:

  • Read a topographic map

  • Orient a map to your surroundings

  • Find your location on a map

  • Confidently determine your route and direction of travel 

  • Differentiate True North, Magnetic North, and Grid North

  • Compensate for magnetic declination and deviations

  • Calculate your pace count


...and many other potentially life-saving skills!

Tuition includes: 

  • Compass suitable for land navigation

  • Map tool for plotting coordinates and measuring distance

  • Pace beads for determining your distance traveled


Please Bring:

  • Pen and paper for notes during classroom session

  • At least one fine-line permanent marker for marking on maps (maps are provided)

  • Clothing appropriate for expected weather conditions

  • Small backpack with hydration, snacks, and any other items you might want with you while outside

PLEASE NOTE: You must have the physical capacity to walk off-trail, through varied terrain in a desert environment over a distance of approximately 2 miles for the field activities. Military personnel: while the fundamental skills taught in this class will apply to any land-based map and compass navigation, this class will not cover MGRS or lensatic compasses.


North Mountain Visitor Center

12950 N 7th St

Phoenix, Arizona 85022

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